Session Themes
• Susceptibility and resilience of symbioses in the Anthropocene
• Ecology of Symbioses
• Mechanisms of host-microbiome interactions
• The host-microbe interface: signaling, recognition and regulation
• Tinkering with symbiosis: experimental insights into host-symbiont systems
• Rise and fall of symbiosis: evolutionary transitions
• New tools and approaches for studying symbiosis

Keynote Speaker:  Ed Yong, science journalist and writer.  Author of the book on symbiosis: I Contain Multitudes

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Ruth Gates, University of Hawaii, USA

Margaret McFall-Ngai, University of Hawaii, USA

Joel Sachs, University of California at Riverside, USA

Toby Spribille, University of Alberta, Canada

Betsy Arnold, University of Arizona, USA

Liping Zhao, Rutgers University, USA and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


More information will be added soon.