Important Dates:

Abstract submittal opens January 1, 2018

Abstract submittal closes March 1, 2018

Notifications of acceptance sent April 1, 2018


Session Organization

There will be two types of oral sessions for the 9th ISS Congress. There will be 7 Thematic Sessions that are designed to address overarching cross-cutting topics that span the field of symbiosis. Each of these will be kicked off by a plenary speaker in this area. All thematic sessions will be held as single sessions with no other activities occurring during that time. There will be 5 Focused Sessions that are organized loosely by microbial taxon.  The aim with this structure is to encourage exposure to areas of symbiosis outside of subfields while still grouping presentations around taxon. These focused sessions will be run as two concurrent sets of presentations. Oral presentation length will be announced at the time of abstract acceptance and will likely be 15-20 minutes. The Poster Session(s) will be held in the late afternoon (with refreshments) and will have no overlap with other activities.

The Program Committee may move submissions from their original session to a different session depending on the balance of the submissions. It is possible that there will not be space in the program for all requested an oral presentations. In this case, the presenter will be invited to give a poster.

Thematic Sessions:

  • Susceptibility and resilience of symbioses in the Anthropocene
  • Ecology of Symbioses
  • Mechanisms of host-microbiome interactions
  • The host-microbe interface:signaling, recognition and regulation
  • Tinkering with symbiosis: experimental insights into host-symbiont systems
  • Rise and fall of symbiosis: evolutionary transitions
  • New tools and approaches for studying symbiosis

Focused Sessions:

  • Protist-host interactions (including corals, lichens, other algal host interactions)
  • Fungal-host, symbiont-fungal interactions (including lichens, mycorrhizae, insects,)
  • Bacteria-host interactions (including gut symbionts, plant epiphytes/endophytes, insect endosymbionts, chemoautotrophic bacteria-animal symbioses, luminous bacteria-animal symbioses)
  • Virus-host interactions
  • Microbe-microbe interactions

Submitting Abstracts Guidelines:

  • Abstracts may have more than one author
  • Must be 500 words or less summary
  • Will require a choice of thematic or focused session
  • Will require a choice of presentation type – oral or poster


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